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The Council of Rectors of Latvia is a collegial consultative institution that coordinates the cooperation of higher education institutions. It is formed by rectors of all state-accredited higher education institutions. Its role and fields of activities are defined in the Law on Higher Education Institutions (see Section 64.), and the Regulations No. 578 (as of July 11, 2006) of the Cabinet of Ministers – “Regulations of the Rectors’ Council” (Latvian only).

The Council of Rectors of Latvia is a member of the European University Association.

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The main tasks of the Council of Rectors of Latvia are:


To elaborate and submit proposals to the Minister of Education and Science regarding the development of higher education and the science sector


To discuss issues regarding the establishment of joint study programs, the use of academic staff and infrastructure


To provide proposals and opinions regarding draft laws and other regulatory enactments in the field of higher education and science


To prepare proposals regarding the distribution of state budget funds to higher education institutions


To represent the higher education institutions of the Republic of Latvia internationally


To deal with other issues related to the activities of higher education institutions within the scope of its competence

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The rights of the Council of Rectors of Latvia:

  • to co-operate with public institutions, legal and natural persons, as well as with international institutions
  • to request and receive from public institutions the information necessary for the performance of the tasks of the council;
  • to invite representatives of public institutions, as well as non-governmental organizations, diverse experts, and specialists to participate in the meetings of the council in an advisory capacity;
  • participate in the work of international organizations.


Various forms of cooperation between higher education institutions have existed before that, however, the year 1995 was considered to be the formal moment of establishing the Council of Rectors of Latvia, when the Council was referred to in the Law on Higher Education Institutions.

Andrejs Rauhvargers, Latvijas Rektoru padomes (LRP) ģenerālsekretārs; Tatjana Volkova

The Chairs of the Council of Rectors of Latvia:

Juris Zaķis

1996. - 1998.

Juris Zaķis

Jānis Vētra

1998. - 2006.

Jānis Vētra

Tatiana Volkova

2006. - 2010.

Tatjana Volkova

Arvīds Barševskis

2010. - 2018.

Arvīds Barševskis

The Secretary-General of the Council of Rectors of Latvia:

Andrejs Rauhvargers

2001. - 2015.

Andrejs Rauhvargers