The Council of Rectors of Latvia: anybody can find ways to help the Ukrainian people

Photo by Chaiwat Hanpitakpong on Unsplash

Russia’s invasion in Ukraine has shocked everyone in Latvia’s higher education institutions. We have no tools to stop Russia’s criminal aggression against Ukraine, yet it is clear that it is a responsibility of governments of all democratic countries, international organisations and all of us – to help the Ukrainian people defend their country. Latvian higher education institutions will stand by Ukraine through – helping Ukrainian students in Latvia, offering opportunities to house refugees in dormitories, donating and otherwise supporting Ukraine.

The Council of Rectors of Latvia expresses solidarity with the Ukrainian people and our cooperation partners, university students, teachers and researchers – with everyone unconditionally ready to fight for their land and country. At the same time, the rectors of Latvia are calling on Russia’s progressive academic society to take a clear and firm stance, demanding the immediate cessation of the bloodshed in Ukraine.

Chair of the Council of Rectors, Professor R.Muktupāvela: “The rectors of Latvia’s higher education institutions categorically condemn Russia’s aggression against a peaceful, modern democracy and humanism-based European state. We stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian academic society and are committed to seeking ways to help Ukrainian students, teachers and scientists.”

Prepared by:

Janis Bernats, Secretary-General of Council of Rectors

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